Selecting the Right Bike

Selecting the Right BikeBicycling is one of the simplest and most enjoyable activities we learn at an early age — and can enjoy for a lifetime.

Do you remember the first time you managed to ride a two-wheel bicycle on your own without someone holding you up?

Bicycles are pure enjoyment, and we never seem to outgrow them.

First Bicycles

A Long Walk < A Long Walk
Hobbyhorses were used in the early 1800’s. They did not have pedals. The rider sat on the saddle and moved the bike by using his feet to push by running along.
Boneshakers < Boneshakers
The boneshaker of the late 1860’s was an early bicycle with pedals. It had a medal frame and metal tires on wooden wheels. It was uncomfortable to ride – which is how it got its name.
The High-Wheeler < The High-Wheeler
The high-wheeler was nicknamed the penny-farthing in Great Britain because its big and little wheels reminded people of two coins – the penny and the farthing.
Safety Bikes < Safety Bikes
Then about 1880 the first bicycle that looks like a modern bike was built. It was called the “safety bicycle.” The wheels on this bike were about the same size. Pedals moved the rear wheel by means of a fixed sprocket and a chain.

Today your bike is a lighter, more modern version of the Safety.

With all the different types of bikes out there, newcomers to the sport of cycling may become a bit overwhelmed. In order to select the right type of bike, you need to get a clear picture of the kind of riding you plan on doing.

Road Bikes < Road Bikes
If you were one of the millions inspired by Lance Armstrong's amazing victories in the Tour de France, then maybe you've looked into road cycling to get in shape. Road riding is a great way to see the countryside on the miles of farming roads in the area.
Mountain Bikes < Mountain Bikes
Take them to the mountains. Well maybe not in Wisconsin. We can show you which mountain bike will work best for your riding environment. A tough, rugged bike that can climb hills, roll over rocks and splash through puddles and streams without losing traction is truly the role of the mountain bike.
Cross Bikes < Cross Bikes
Cross Bikes, sometimes called hybrids, have become the most popular style of bike around. The main reason these bikes are in such demand is their versatility. They offer some of the best features of road bikes and mountain bikes in one affordable package. Choose between the 26” wheel or 700c wheel hybrid depending on your terrain.
Tandem Bikes < Tandem Bikes
Riding double has never been so comfortable. With a rear Softride beam, it’s like the stoker is riding on a couch. Couples or parent & child love the tandem because it equalizes their riding and they can enjoy the fitness benefits together.
Comfort Bikes < Comfort Bikes
Giant has a new comfort bike in their line-up that really is a modified recumbent. It gives you the best of both worlds. For comfort and ease on joints, it’s great for bike paths or tours around the neighborhood.
Recumbant Bikes < Recumbent bikes
Sit down and ride. If you find the upright bikes uncomfortable on your back, neck or shoulders don’t give up riding. Many cyclists look to the recumbent as a way to continue riding pain free. The seated riding position reduces chaffing and discomfort on joints you may have encountered on an upright bike.
Giant Dual Fit Exercise Bike

< Giant Dual Fit Exercise Bike
The Giant Dual Fit is designed to provide a complete cardiovascular workout. Pedal with the arms or separately for body specific results.

  • Multi-function computer tracks time, distance and calories.
  • Club quality.
  • Belt drive is quiet.
  • Great price - $599.99
  • Giant Tempo Spin Bike
Giant Tempo Bike

< Giant Tempo Bike
The Giant Tempo is the closest thing to riding outside, but without the headwind.

  • Adjustable handlebar and seating positions for custom fit.
  • Triathlon-style handlebar gives plenty of position changes.
  • Clipless pedals and platform pedals for non-cycling shoes.
  • Economical price - $899.99