Vehicle Fit Guides


Welcome to the Vehicle Fit Guides for Yakima and Saris rack products. This tool is designed to help you find and purchase the best rack system for your vehicle.

Here are some suggestions before you enter the fit guides:

  • To insure you are looking for the right rack for your vehicle, get the "year" of your auto from the label on the driver's side doorframe. Your owner's manual may say 2000 but the car may have been actually manufactured in 1999.
  • Before you begin a Vehicle Fit Guide, we recommend you read more about different car rack options at In Competition's finding the right car rack page.
  • Please contact an In Competition Sports staff to help you with your decision or if you have any questions before beginning the outfitting guide. E-mail us at: or call us at (920) 465-1510.
  • The Yakima and Saris Outfitting Guides will give you all the rack options for your vehicle, for example: roof, hitch and trunk. If it does not list an option, like a trunk rack, most likely it does not exist from that manufacturer for your vehicle.
  • The fit guide will recommend a rack system that is safe for your car and gear. In some cases though, we may contact you if we feel there is a better option for your particular rack needs.


Yakima Car Racks
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Enter Fit Guide Here
Special tip for roof rack owners: Stick a post-it-note saying “Bikes On-board” on your garage door opener or better yet put the opener in the glove compartment so when you're tired from the busy weekend you don't go on auto pilot and drive into the garage with all the gear on top. It has happened to the best of us.