Finding the Right Car Rack


Car racks are our specialty. Bringing along your sport toys with ease and safety is our main concern in making your outings fun. We will assist you in choosing and installing the best rack system that suits your lifestyle and vehicle.
  • Roof Racks.
  • Hitch Racks.
  • Trunk Racks.
  • Cargo Carriers for your:
    • bikes
    • skis
    • kayak
    • canoe
    • sailboard

Come in and we'll give you a free quote on the safest most economical way to carry all your sport toys on your auto.


Types of Car Racks

Cargo Box Carriers
No room for the kids, the dog, the luggage and the skis? Put it on top. The durable, versatile Yakima cargo boxes give you the space you never had. And it keeps everything dry and free from the outdoor elements. Perfect for camping and trips up north.

Multi-Sport Roof Rack Systems
What is a multi-sport roof rack? Well, since rack makers don't know what you want to carry, the multi-sport design allows you to tailor the rack to carry all your sport toys on the roof of your vehicle. This system starts with a basic rack and you add or change the sport mounts for the number of bikes, skis or boats you want to put on top.

The roof is the most versatile spot to carry your gear, but putting it on top is generally more expensive than other racks. It is well worth the investment by saving you time, money and frustration. We'd like to note however, if you are only going to carry a couple of bikes or skis once or twice a year when you go on vacation, a single sport rack may be a better route. In addition, if you are sure you cannot lift the bikes on top of a very tall SUV to load them, concentrate on the rear of the vehicle.

Hitch Rack Systems
Receiver hitch racks are the most convenient and simple rack for carrying bikes and skis. They are easy to install on the vehicle and load and unload for trips to a bike trail or ski hill. In addition, the rack and sport toys never touch your vehicle.

Trunk Rack Systems
When speed, ease and cost are your main objectives when looking for a rack system, the trunk mount rack is a basic and inexpensive option. They work well, but offer the least amount of stability, protection and security for your sport toys and car.

Security Systems
Security is an issue when putting your sport toys on the outside of the vehicle. You will want to lock the rack to the auto and all the items to the rack. Yakima offers a single key system so one key operates all the locks on the rack. You need to purchase enough locks for the maximum number of items you plan to carry and lock. You can also use a cable lock for items like bikes and canoes.