Frequent Shoe Buyer Program

Fitting Shoes For Your Feet We are offering the In Competition Sports frequent shoe buying program.

Here's how it works:

Buy 10 pairs of running shoes and
get the 11th pair FREE*

Here's the best part:
You can send us referrals and if they purchase a pair of shoes, we will give you credit for their shoes. In addition, if they sign-up for the program they get credit on their account.

The more friends, family members, running partners, and co-workers you sent to us, the faster you're on your way to earning a free pair of shoes.

There's more:
Anyone in your immediate family, which includes your spouse and children, can be on the same card to get to the 10th pair. You'll have to decide who gets the free pair. It may take drawing straws or flipping a coin.

Keeping Track
We'll keep a card on file for you at the store with your name, shoes purchased in your family and any referrals. You can always call us with an update on your program.

On-line Buyers:
E-mail or call us and we will set you up in the program and keep track of the shoes you buy and any referrals you send our way. Sign up today: and get started towards your free pair.

*The value of the free pair of shoes is an average of what you and your referrals paid for the 10 pairs of shoes. It will include any sale prices and coupon discounts.