Roller Skiing

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Roller SkiingWhy should you roller-ski?
Improve Fitness:
Roller skiing enables ski specific training that is nearly identical to on-snow skiing. Roller skiing is a wonderful way to achieve the cardiovascular benefits of Nordic skiing, which uses all major muscles groups and burns more calories than any other activity.

Become a better skier:
It's difficult to improve or maintain skiing skills if you only ski a few months during the winter. With roller skis you can ski year round in June and in January (Wisconsin winters lately) when the ground is bare. In addition to making you more fit, roller skiing is the best way to improve balance, conditioning and technique during the off-season.

You can roller ski almost anywhere:
You generally don't need to travel long distances to roller ski. Both paved and non-paved surfaces can be found right from your house.

How to buy roller skis
Classic or Skate:
The first step is to decide whether you want skis for traditional classic skiing or for skating. If you want to practice both techniques, it's best to purchase two pairs, one for classic and one for skating. Classic and skate skis have different wheel geometry, classic shafts are longer and the binding is mounted in a different position than for skating.

Skiing Ability:
Next, determine your skill level. Some roller skis require better balance. See our chart.

Determine the surface and terrain. If the pavement where you will be skiing is rough, or you want to ski on dirt trails, your choice should be on the Jenex Aero models. If the surface is smooth you can select one of the standard skis. If you are skiing in hilly terrain, select a model with good speed reducing ability.

We carry V2 Roller skis. They have the largest selection of roller skis in the world.

One of our owners, Mark Ernst has been roller skiing for 25 years and has tested just about every ski made with wheels. With a few incidents of road rash, bumps and bruises, he will give you our recommendations based on your skill level, terrain, surface and if you want classic or skate skis.

Model Description Price
Ski Skett Shark The lightweight champ! The 22x100mm wheels roll smooth and behave like a ski. These are favored by expert skiers but can be used by intermediate skiers with good boots. The Shark is available with either rubber wheels, urethane or combination, so your speed can range from slow to fast depending on the wheels. Durable and inexpensive The Shark is a great roller ski for teams. $209
Ski Skett Nord A lightweight classic roller ski. Available with rubber, urethane or combination wheel sets. Good for smaller folks or those interested in a faster roller ski. The perfect roller ski to use for serious double pole workouts or easy terrain like bike paths. $259
ADD-ONS: Speed reducers: are highly recommended, as they allow for variable resistance training, as well as reduced speed on scary down hills. $50-$55
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