X-C Ski Service Center

Our Mean Green Stone Grinding Machine
When you buy a new pair of skis from us, we will Stone Grind
and Base Prep Wax them for FREE!

In Competition Sports Ski Base Tuning and Stone Grinding Service

W I N T E R S T E I G E R !
Ski Effortlessly!
Recondition older skis for improved waxing. Our experienced factory trained technicians will tune your skis to like new” condition using the latest Wintersteiger ski tuning and stone grinding machine.

Stone grinding is a great way to prepare skis for specific snow conditions, renew an older ski base that is oxidized, heavily scratched, or has trouble-absorbing wax.

Stone grinding insures your skis have a:
• A flat base
• Open surface for wax absorption
Structure suited to the snow conditions

Let us explain:
A flat base is radically easier to wax, scrape and brush. Once you have your skis stone ground, 99% of the base is flat. Although, when you look down your ski base you may still see some rounding or traces of old structure near the edges, don't worry, that's okay.

Wax absorption is affected by the condition of the base surface. Many brand new ski bases can suffer from oxidation during storage or dirt clogging the base pores. That's why we offer a free stone grind and base prep with new skis purchased from us. You will have the fastest possible skis right from the start.

Now, it;s been know to happen to the best of us, but bases can become easily damaged by ironing too hot, sealing the base. Stone grinding can reopen the pores and allow wax to absorb into the bases.

Even normal wear and tear will result in wax wearing off fast and cause the common spotty white spots along the base. Let's put it simply, stone grinding makes skis faster, easier to wax and will go longer between wax applications.

Structure refers to the small grooves that are put into the base through riling, brushing or stone grinding. These grooves relieve the suction caused by excess water in the snow or to help generate water flow for better glide. We have four basic types of grinds to choose from for the type of snow and amount of humidity in the snow:

Course - for wet, humid conditions or dirty icy snow

Neutral - for all snow conditions between 10° and 32° F

Fine - for dry, low humidity conditions below 14° F

Very Fine - for cold snow conditions and powder snow.

*All new skis are given a neutral stone grind unless you specify differently.

Drop off or mail in your skis. We'll ship back at
minimal shipping cost - anywhere!

In Competition X-C Ski Waxing
We love to teach and help you reach your fitness goals.

We can do it for you!

Drop off your skis at least one day before a race and leave the grinding, waxing, scraping and brushing to us.

Base Tune Up
includes base prep, cleaning, and hydrocarbon wax.
With P-Tex fill add $ 5.00
Base Tuning & Wintersteiger Stone Grinding
includes Wintersteiger base tune and stone grind Hydrocarbon Prep Wax.
With Swix BP77 Base Prep
add $ 5.00
Additional Wax
Low Fluoro wax
High Fluoro wax
Cera F wax

add $ 5.00
add $15.00
add $25.00